Q: Is it true that AC/DC's first singer was not Bon Scott?

A: Yes, their first singer was actually Dave Evans. He only recorded one single, "Rockin' in the Parlour"/"Can I sit next to you girl".

Q: How exactly did Bon Scott die?

A: Well, the band said in press release that he died of natural causes. But since he went on a heavy drinking binge the night of his death, it is more likely that he died from drinking, ie. he choked on his own vomit.

Q: What is the meaning of the song "The Jack"?

A: The song is about a woman giving them the clap. When Bon sung it live, he replaced "She's got the Jack" with "She's got the clap".

Q: Is it true that Bon Scott unknowingly chose Brian Johnson to be the next singer for AC/DC?

A: Well, kind of, not really. After Bon death, the band received a letter from a 14 year old fan, telling them how this Brian Johnson would make a perfect replacement for Bon. After reading the letter, Malcolm recalled that the band had earlier seen Brian Johnson perform, at that Bon had commented on how great a singer Brian was. So AC/DC auditioned him and hired him.

Q: When is Angus' birthday?

A: Atlantic Records claimed it was March 31, 1959. But in actuality it's 1955. Atlantic Records wanted to make it appear that Angus was just out of school when AC/DC started, so that's why they changed his birthday.

Q: Who came up with the name AC/DC and how?

A: Angus and Malcolm's sister Margaret came up with the name. It seems she saw it on the back of a vacuum cleaner, and thought that it seemed fitting since it had to do with electricity.

Q: AC/DC looks like they would be big partiers. How much alcohol does Angus drink before a performance?

A: None, he drinks tea, mostly.

Q: Is AC/DC satanic?

A: Not at all. Even though at first some songs sound a little bit like devil worship, if you listen to the words there is always another meaning behind the song. A good example is "Highway to Hell", which is the nickname Angus gave to a previous tour of theirs, not going to hell.

Q: How did the schoolboy uniform thing start?

A: When Angus was younger he'd come home after school, grab his guitar, and leave again to go practice, still in his schoolboy outfit. Later, when the band was started his sister Margaret suggested that he should wear it and he said 'No way!', but was later talked into it by his brother George who said that the outfit would make people remember the band.

Q: Was there a real Rosie from "Whole Lotta Rosie"?

A: Yes, when the band was still young Bon met this extremely large woman from Tasmania, at a hotel in Melbourne and became the 29th man she had slept with that month. After they made the song "Whole Lotta Rosie" they met up with her again, she had lost a lot of weight since then, though. She said that she had heard the song and knew it was about her and that she took it as a compliment!

Q: Is the album "Who Made Who" their greatest hits album?

A: No, it is the soundtrack to the Stephen King Movie "Maximum Overdrive". The songs on the album were picked out by Stephen King himself, who is a big AC/DC fan. The instrumentals were made specially for the movie.

Q: Who plays the bagpipes towards the end of "It's a Long Way to the top"?

A: That is none other than Bon Scott. He learned to play them in his youth and even played in his father's Scottish marching band when he was younger.

Q: What is the connection between the "Night Prowler" song and the famous killer that's called the "Night Stalker"?

A: Even though the song has nothing to do with stalking someone, the police and media accused AC/DC of corrupting youths minds after they caught Richard Ramirez, aka "Night Stalker". It seems when he was caught he was wearing an AC/DC T-shirt, and had quoted some of AC/DC's lyrics at the time of his arrest. Also, he had left a AC/DC cap at one of the crime scenes. Finally, some of his friends told police he was a big fan of "Highway to Hell", which contains the song "Night Prowler", which was enough to set off the media.

Q: Where and when was AC/DC's first gig?

A: Their first gig was on New Year's Eve in 1973 at the Chequers nightclub in Sydney Australia.

Q: What happened to Malcolm during part of the Blow Up Your Video tour in 1988?

A: Although, at the time the band said that he had to leave to attend to his sick son, it has since been revealed by the band that Malcolm's drinking problem was getting out of hand. He was replaced during the tour by his nephew Stevie Young, who looks and sounds very much like Malcolm.

Q: What happened to the 15 songs that Bon wrote for the "Back in Black" album before he died?

A: They were abandoned, since nobody felt that it would be right to have Brian singing them. Therefore, the band (mostly Angus and Malcolm) wrote totally new songs for "Back in Black". However, Ian Jeffery, who was the bands manager for most of their career, claims that he still has the songs stored away in a folder somewhere.

Q: Why isn't AC/DC in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame yet?

A: A band can't be entered into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame until 25 years after the band was formed. This would make AC/DC eligible in 1999.

Q: Has Malcolm ever played lead guitar on any AC/DC songs?

A: Yes, Malcolm played lead on "Soul Stripper", "Show Business", "You Ain't Got A Hold On Me" and "Can I Sit Next to You Girl".

Q: How many albums has AC/DC sold in the past 20 years?

A: An unbelievable 80 million albums.