"My new schoolmates threatened to kick the shit out of me when they heard my scottish accent. I had one week to learn to speak like them if I wanted to rename intact. " Cousre, I didn't take any notice. No one  railroads me, and it made me all the more determined to speak my own way. That's how I got my name, you know. The Bonny Scot, see?"

(Bon Scott)

" We would play our first gig at lunch time in a school. After rthat we'd bring our gear to a nearby pub to play two sets at another club. Then we'd start the same thing the next day. That was the price to pay."

Bon Scott (on the early days of the band), December 1979 (Folk & Rock)


"No matter how long you play Rock & Roll songs might change, just as long as the balls are there, the rock balls. And that what's important to us".

Bon Scott, Oakland 1979

"Angus? I think he's kinda crazy. Since the first night I saw the band way back in Australia, I knew their manager, and I'd never seen the band before and never even heard of AC/DC. And the manager said just stand here, the band comes on in two minutes. So I stood there and the band comes on and there's this little guy, about that big, with a school uniform and a bag on his back going crazy and I laughed, and I must have laughed for half an hour. And I still laugh, and I think he's great."

Bon Scott, Reims, December 1979 


"Malcolm? He's the brain"

Bon Scott, Reims, December 1979 

"Are you aware of people like Clapton and Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page? Yeah, thay've been ripping me off for years. At the time I was playing these were all the people who were famous. I'd see my brother Malcolm playing solos and he played just as good as these guys, so why wasn't he famous?"

Angus Young, Oakland 1979



"In the early days of the band, we used to play six times a day, seven sets!"

Angus Young (1986)

"I saw all the women and I figured  that looked good. I was horny. I got a guitar off my brother and I started playing anything."

Angus Young

"In the early days, there was not a lot of rehearsing you could do. You had to give them something at pubs and  clubs; make people stop drinking and say, what's this!?"

Angus Young (Circus, Jan 85) 


"The only rehearsal we had was just sitting around an hour before the gig, pulling out every Rock & Roll song we knew. When we finally got there Bon downed about two bottles  of Bourbon whit dope, coke, speed, and says, "Right, I'm ready" and he was too. He was fighting fit. There was this inmediate transformation and he was running around with his wife's knickers on, yelling at the audience. It was a magic moment. He said it made him feel young again."

Angus Young on Bon Scott's first concert with AC/DC



"Bon: What'd be great right now would be a huge, comfortable, squashy waterbed, a woman lying right beside you..." Angus:...and a big pair of tits in your face"

Bon & Angus after a club gig in England, June 1976

" Angus: I have been a reforming influence. You should have seen the man when I first met him. He couldn't speak English. It was all "fuck, piss, shit". I introduced him to a new side of life. Sent him home with a dictionary..." Bon: He taught me how to say "Please fuck. And thank you after."

Angus Young & Bon Scott, London July 1979 



" Bon was the biggest single  influence on the band. When he came in it pulled as together. He had that real "stick-it-to-'em' attitude. We all had it in us, but it took Bon to bring it out."

Malcolm Young

"I'm sick of reading shit. You will print the truth."

Malcolm Young to a NME journalist, Sheffield November 78  (NME,November 78)

"We were a scandal in Australia. They love scandal there. Mums tugging their kids away from us on the street. 'Ooh, look- Them!'

Malcolm Young , London 1977 (National Rock Star, March 77)